Pro MX Baja 70mm Clutch System

Pro MX Baja 70mm Clutch System
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Never experience clutch fade again!

MMR are pleased to present to you the all new 70mm Pro MX Clutch System

Developed in house by our very own FRP (Finlay Race Preperation)
Over the last few month's Scotty Finlay (FRP) has been hard at it working on this clutch system to deliver you the very best from your engine.

With the advent of more and more powerful engines coming onto the market, He has seen the need to transfer more power from the engine to the wheels more efficiently. 

Engaging solutions.

With the Pro-MX clutch system Scott has taken already proven technology from his primary field of expertise. (Minimoto's)

During the development of the Pro-MX clutch system he has seen the need to break the current mould of 54mm clutches and developed the 70mm fully adjustable clutch. 

Why 70mm?

By changing the ratio between the engine and the drive wheels. (as shown below)

The engine can deliver more power to the drive wheels. (As shown below)

Providing faster acceleration (As shown below)

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